So it seems Remy Ma has made a resurgence with last weeks lyrical assault on Nicki Minaj.  And "Shether" ( did I spell that right?) is indeed impressive work.  I listened to a live performance of the song and Remy definitely sounds motivated & hungry......

Yes, there is a but.

I'm hoping that when the hype subsides, the people remember exactly how dope Nicki Minaj is-  hits are not at all easy to manufacture and it's highly doubtful Remy will get anywhere close to Nicki in that category....there is not enough time, is there now?  In addition to hits though - Nicki has pushed far more boundaries musically/lyrically........and really come ON-  

Nicki's verse on "Monster" ?!?!?!  One of the best, and possibly the most creative, verses on that album ( and that album is Kanye's Best Album, more on that later)!

*Insert Sports analogies here*  When Connecticut's Ladies Basketball team finally loses will we forget the streak? Nah...........Muhammad Ali lost his last fight to someone whose name we don't remember ......Michael Jordan got crossed over by A.I. and blocked by Prince Paul, there is no question as to who is greater though....

Back to Remy;  Hopefully she takes this current spotlight and directs us to her body of work so we can gain more appreciation for her work.  If that work exists? 

Anyway, this is not to say Remy Ma isn't good- she is very.  She is just not as good as Nicki.  Check the history.