YO! This is ABout new rap song and video I had the pleasure of creating w/ the director Philip Carrel.  Multiple locations, many actors, very cool extras, a great production team, and many more behind the scenes players contributed to make this video great.

Although I'm slightly Biased, after spending the last ten years watching some of my favorite hip hop artists, bands, and artists gradually slide into the current state of horribly mediocre music videos (Yes HORRIBLY MEDIOCRE!)  It's very safe to say that this song and video will easily make the top 100 list this year.  Any list, any where, this should be on the list.  I've not attained that Kanye West level cockiness but I'm telling the truth.

Oh yeah, that's Philip in the picture.  I'm NOT talking about the benefits of people from different racial groups working together....that's a different blog.