So today is the day I decided to write a blog post.  A very cynical & intelligent gentleman,  whom I hold in high regard, suggested doing so.  He claims that a blog would round out my website's content perfectly.  He says People love blogs, and the process will help me learn about myself ...learn why I do what I do.

And in fact,  There are many things I do that I still don't understand.   The list is long: procrastination, eating too many French fries,  avoiding emails, leaving the spoon in the coffee, staring at the grass, refusing to contact my biological father, buying another black tank top, using the toenail clippers to cut my fingernails, asking my daughter about homework right after school after telling myselfNOT to ask about homework right away :/

 Sometimes when I can't sleep I have a moment where I ask myself "Why did you do that? Why don't you do this?"  Many times the answer is "I don't know."  This is a most frustrating occurrence.  Especially because I hate that answer when I hear other people use it....and I think I'm smarter than these mistakes I continue to make.  I'm not a writer, and this entry is already longer than I expected it to be, so I'd like to stop and thank you for listening.  Let's toast to mistakes and blogs and trying to learn from both.